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Letters and Parcel Letters and Parcel
Prohibited items
The United States of America

List of the prohibited articles
• All live animals, except honey bees, certain insects and leeches
• all dead animals
• all kinds of fresh, frozen, dried and smoked meat and fish
• milk, cream
• any bird feather, fertilizer
• plants and their parts, products of vegetable origin
• vegetables, roots, fruits, nuts, peel of citrus, seeds
• cereals, product of the milling industry
• oils, fats, waxes and products made from it
• wool, if it is not clean (doesn’t contain blood or dirt)
• coffee
• regardless of quantity, cigarettes (including roll-your-own tobacco) and smokeless tobacco are prohibited in any type of international mail into the United States. They can be subject to seizure and forfeiture and the sender can be obeyed to judicial proceedings.
• All taxable, flammable, potable beverages of 5% alcoholic content by weight
• fuel, flammable oils, explosives, concentrated gas, radioactive material, matches made of white phosphorous.
• animal fur and leather, manufactures thereof, wool
• pieces of charcoal, asbestos
• wood and articles of wood, cork, cork powder
• any articles whatever which violate the copyright law of the United States
• lottery tickets, shares or securities of any Government, including certificates of indebtedness, National Bank currency, Federal Reserve notes, Federal Reserve Bank notes, coupons, U.S. notes, treasury notes, gold certificates, silver certificates, certificates of deposit, bills, checks
• valuable stamps and other collections, postage stamps which are cancelled by the U.S.A., except as permitted by Section 504 of Title 18, United States Code
• imitations of postage stamps except that black-and-white illustrations that are admitted for philatelic publications
• straw, grasses, and other plant material
• items made by slaves
• copies of American works
• movies, pictures that contradict moral standards
• knives which opens automatically
• opium, narcotics, poison
• serum, drugs, diagnostic or therapeutic devices, biological products, infectious materials, radiation-emitting electronic devices
• fertilizers from the remaining of birds, fertilizers for the treatment of the soil
• articles that bear fake names of registered in the United States factories trademarks
• used clothing requires the certificate that it has been disinfected
• knives, spurs or any other sharp-edged tools attached on the bird’s foot that can be used for animal fights
• written, printed or graphic carriers that present an animal that can be involved in the battle, as well as knives, spurs and sharp-edged tools. They are permitted only if they are licensed by the low of the venue country.


List of articles prohibited as imports

• valuable items
• wood articles
• fruit and vegetables
• used bed linen
• fresh or dried vegetable produce, seeds and soil
• products of animal origin
• meat and dairy products
• soil, even in small quantities
• straw and other plant material for packaging
• images, flammable or varnishes corroded, paints


List of the prohibited articles

• fresh or frozen meat, poultry
• fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates
• milk and dairy produce, fresh, cooked or frozen bird's eggs, natural honey
• horsehair and horsehair waste, guts of animals, fish, whole and pieces thereof, fresh, chilled,
frozen, salted, dried or smoked; skins of birds, with their feathers
• bulbs, tuberous roots, plants, flowers, fresh or cut, leaves,
• natural or frozen potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, milfoil, carrots, cucumbers, beans, peas, asparagus, eggplant, pepper
• pea, bean, lentil, cumin, dill, wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice seeds
• fresh fruits
• hemp
• mineral and aerated waters
• cognac, brandy, vodka, gin, liqueur
• wine and vinegar made from fresh grape, grape juice
• tablets and powder of meat, products made of fish and lobster which are not intended for meal
• cigars, little cigars, tobacco
• medical thermometers, sodium chlorine, natural calcium phosphate, magnesium, pharmaceutical products assigned for retail, liquid for cleaning/moisturizing of lenses
• soil, plant parts, humus, wood
• photographic plates, film, paper, paperboard and textiles not developed except cinematographic films
• rough skin (head, tail, nail), which are used in the fur industry
• wool, not combed, except that washed in a factory, wool fabric of animal origin
• printed publications, brochures, books, including leaflets, magazines and other periodicals, including advertising and colorful, all kinds of imitations and calendars including meteorological and astronomical
• cotton, synthetic, artificial thread warp fabrics, velvet fabrics
• men’s coats, raincoats, sportswear, suits, trousers, shirts, made of a knitted or crocheted, or other material
• women’s jackets, suits, dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts, made of a knitted or crocheted fabric
• men's and women's nightgown, t-shirts, casual clothing made of knitted or other material
• tights, socks and other textile products
• blankets, bed sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins, curtains, bed covers
• rubber, synthetic and leather footwear
• precious jewelry, gold and silver items
• telephone sets, image and sound recorders and reproducers, unused and recorded tapes, discs
• protective, optical glasses made of precious metals, optical devices, clocks and wrist-watches, pocket-watches and parts thereof, timer, pens, stamps, tobacco pipe
• musical instruments; parts and accessories of such articles
• works of art, antiques

Conditionally admitted

(1) Availability of license, phytosanitary certificate, declaration, import permit issued by the relevant authorities
(2) Inspection of goods trademark by customs services

United Arab Emirates

Prohibited items

• Live animals
• pork products and by-products
• fish, cancer and other live aquatic invertebrates
• fresh or dried fruit contaminated by parasites
• radiated food
• natural or cultured pearl
• all types of alcoholic beverages
• arms and parts thereof
• lotteries tickets, advertisements of them
• worked ivory and articles of ivory
• oily paper
• all types of sculptures
• psychotropic substances
• immoral films, publications.


List of articles prohibited as imports
Alcohol and alcohol beverages
• any product made of fresh and frozen fish
• food colors and additives
• old clothes
• chemical production, arsenic
• products of animal origin
• used products that contain the following items: spare parts, medical, automobile, bicycle equipment, tires.
• plants and banana trees, corn plants and parts thereof
• Fresh and frozen vegetable produce, cauliflower and broccoli, Brussels sprouts, milfoil, asparagus, spinach, vegetable mixture
• fertilizer


List of articles prohibited as imports

The following items are prohibited due to the amendments July 8, 2012 come into force of to the customs legislation of Belarus in international postal items addressed to.

• Any type of weapon (and parts thereof), ammunition (and parts thereof) and the structure of the civil service weapon and similar items
• explosives, explosives and explosive devices
• perishable goods
• alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol and beer
• tobacco products and any mixture
• cultural values (address sent to individuals for private purposes)
• all kinds of precious stones, natural diamonds, except for jewelry
• drugs, psychotropic substances and their derivatives, as well as the content and condition of any kind of mushrooms and plants, including fruits, seeds, and whey
• ozone depleting substances
• hazardous waste
• other products, delivery of which is prohibited by the provisions of the Union


In accordance with Article 15.8.1 of UPU Convention, if the goods can not be delivered by any appointment, delivered to the addressee, returned to the place of issuance.


Prohibited items
• All live animals, with the exception of bees, leeches and silkworms (postal ban)
• bird carcasses
• lottery tickets and advertisements, banknotes and any securities (may be admitted conditionally only in the content of estimated parcel)
• radioactive, explosive, flammable, dangerous materials, matches
• coloring matters (postal ban)
• obscene or immoral films and photographs
• empty laser toners or laser cartridges.

The following items can be imported to Belgium in limits
• Alcoholic beverages, wine, grape, grape juice. Alcohol, usually 1 liter, wine 2 liters
• product of animal origin is allowed if it is imported to a private address, meat product should not exceed one kilogram (gross weight)
• vegetable products (fruits, vegetables, live plant) are only permitted, if
- it is imported to a private address, for personal use, up to 3 kg in small packages for sale
- they are intended for scientific experiments
- sent to fairs only with tax providing

Vegetable and animal origin foodstuffs, fish, sweets, coffee, tea, species should be imported only in the original packaging on which the weight and the value of the packaging must be specified and it should cover the whole product. Compulsory label indications must be affixed to the external packaging.
These indications must state:
– the sales description;
– the minimum shelf-life or, in the case of extremely perishable foodstuffs, the "sell-by" date;
– the name or corporate name and address of the manufacturer or packer.

Drawing up of customs declarations
On the postal must be stuck the green label CN 22 or a CN 23 customs declaration must accompany the item (in this case, the upper part of the CN 22 label must be stuck onto the item).
The postal parcel must be accompanied by a CN 23 customs declaration (the upper part of the CN 22 label must be stuck onto the item).
These forms must be completed as accurately as possible to enable the Post to carry out customs formalities as quickly and precisely as possible.


Prohibited items

• Live animals
• poultry
• bees, parasites and noxious insects
• live poisonous animals
• meat and edible meat offal: fresh, frozen, salted, dried or smoked, flour and powder of meat
• fish: fresh, frozen, salted, dried or smoked, flour and powder of fish
• cancer: alive, frozen, salted, dried or smoked, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water
• milk, dairy product
• butter and other greasy foodstuff prepared from milk: cheese and cottage cheese
• birds’ eggs: fresh, preserved in appropriate packages, or cooked yolks. Fresh, dried or frozen yolk of turtle and other animal eggs.
• natural honey
• edible products of animal origin: intestine, poison of animal origin
• bulbs, roots and all kind of plants
• cut flowers suitable for bouquets or for design, fresh, dried, or otherwise prepared
• seed potato: fresh or frozen, onion, ordinary garlic
• fresh fruits including coconut, other fruits with peels, banana, date, fig, pineapple, avocado, guava, mango, orange, mandarin, lemon and other citrus fruits, grapes, melon, watermelon, mulberries, strawberries and other fresh fruits
• walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts
• coffee seeds, roasted coffee, pepper, clove, anise, cumin
• products of the milling industry, rye, barley, oats, corn seeds
• cotton seeds
• hashish, marihuana, raw opium
• animal fats of all kind, margarine
• legume and cocoa seeds
• artificial coloring materials
• natural or counterfeit alcoholic beverages, wines, artificial wines, Armagnac, brandy, whiskey, rum, gin
• tobacco and tobacco products
• soil, lead
• liquid or gas chlorine, arsenic, bromine and other chemicals
• any medicaments used for veterinary
• snake or bee poisons, vaccines
• pharmaceutical products, drugs of opium
• materials for the preparation of artificial beverages
• cinematographic films
• plastic tubes and other items
• items from copper
• wooden containers, cork and cork stopper
• paper and paperboard containers, labels
• visual books for elementary students, whose text is not written in Portuguese
• newspapers and magazines that violate public order
• bank notes, not cancelled stamps
• lottery tickets, as well as catalogues, advertising matter and related pricelists
• cotton, cleaned, carded or combed
• textile bags
• leather footwear and hats
• umbrella
• containers, inkpots made of ceramic, glass, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc
• natural or cultured pearls
• artificial, cultures diamonds and there dust
• gold, platinum, silver in any form and articles, jewelry thereof
• any type of money and currency
• any metal locks
• revolvers, pistols and other weapons of this nature and parts thereof
• sharp pens, pencils
• cancelled or not cancelled stamps, which are not considered as a payment. They are accepted only by registered or insured closed letters.

Compiling of customs declarations
The imported goods must be accompanied by postal documentation which will contain the necessary information for inspection and levy of customs such as:
- name and address of the sender and the addressee;
- the country of origin and of destination of the goods;
- description of the contained goods, duly classified with the harmonized system code;
- postal item’s gross and net weight;
- the value of the parcel, specifying the currency used.


Prohibited items

• Anesthetics, narcotics, psychotropic substances
• arms and ammunition, explosives
• precious and cheap gold items
• glass
• liquids
• flammables, toxic or dangerous materials
• religious materials connected with prohibited or unregistered sects or organizations
• money, bank notes, securities, travel receipts
• platinum, gold, silver, precious stones
• biological materials
• used clothing, footwear, linen.


Limited number of allowed
• Alcohol (1 liter) and wine (2 liters)
• coffee (500 grams)
• cigars (totally 10 cigars, but not Cuban)
• cigarettes (totally of 50 pcs.)
• perfume water (0.25 liters)
• perfume (net weight 50 grams)
• 1 kg of meat
• poultry, dairy products should be accompanied by sanitary certificates
• small quantity of caramel, chocolate and cake
• brandy, liqueur and vodka (except rum, reedy and rice vodka) require permition for import.

Prohibited items
• Alive animals except bees, leech, silkworms, insects exterminator, which are exchanged between officially recognized institutions for Biomedical Research
• feather
• products prepared from dog, cat, fox, monkey, horse meat
• hempen resin, opium
•any product contains methyl alcohol
•materials, liquids which contain more than 82% of spirit for wormwood and similar product preparation,
• video games
• base metals
• auditory and visual records, devices
• dry vine
• withdrawn from circulation or valueless coins, medals, money which has become means of payment and are forged in 1850 or later
• reproductions of bank tickets
• gas or inflammable gas mixtures
• hypergolic or easily inflammable, toxic materials
• white or yellow phosphorus, matches
• radioactive substances
• aluminum, zinc and magnesium powder
• painkillers
• photographic plates, negatives, etc., which can be used for falsification of documents, money and banking tickets reproduction.
• used and empty beehive
• hearing aid
• weapons, particularly firearm or parts of it, weapons imitation and ammunition

1. Drawing up of customs declarations
Postal items for addressees in the German part of the Union's customs territory and which are subject to customs control must be accompanied by a CN 23 customs declaration attached unsealed, duly completed and written legibly in German, English French or Italian.
A form based on the CN 23 model must be used for the customs declaration; otherwise it must contain the following information: the addressee's name and address, the category of item, an exact description of all parts of the contents and their goods number under the Harmonized System, the value of the goods indicating the currency, the weight of the item, the country of origin of the goods, the place and date of the completion of the form and the sender's address and signature.
A CN 22 "Customs" label, duly completed and affixed to the front of the item, is required for letter-post items containing goods or for small packets of a value not exceeding 300 Special Drawing Rights (SDR).
If the value of the contents of individual letter-post items, including small packets, as declared by the sender, exceeds 300 SDR or if the sender so desires, a CN 23 customs declaration must be attached to the item and only the top part of the CN 22 "Customs" label affixed to the front of the item.


Prohibited items

• Live animals, poisonous fish
• natural or artificial honeycombs
• plants
• milk powder, bone, meat powder
• lottery tickets, advertisements of lotteries
• stamps and securities falsifications
• weapons, including firearms, parts thereof, carbine, as well as cold weapons, which blades’ length is more than 12 cm, an automatic opening knives, shock weapons, knives, as well as brass knuckles, truncheons and other similar items. Such content items will be sent back to the sender country by land.

Importation of tobacco is permitted in limited quantity:
for private persons in small quantities only if accompanied by the customs label CN 22,
cigarettes: 50, cigarillos: 25, cigars: 10, tobacco: 50 gm.

Importation of alcoholic beverages are permitted for private persons in small quantities only if accompanied by the customs label CN 22:
wine or dessert wine not above 22%: 1 liter.

The followings are the limitations for perfume importation: perfume: 50 gm, eau de toilette: ¼ liter.

Dominican Republic

Prohibited items

• Cash
• glass articles
• all kinds of firearms
• opium, morphine, cocaine and narcotics of all kinds
• live animals
• cufflinks, items containing staples
• obscene or immoral magazines
• explosives, combustible materials and other hazardous materials
• articles the importation or circulation of which is prohibited in the destination country


Prohibited items

• Live animals
• meat, bird
• antiques
• firearm
• lottery tickets
• liquids, powder
• honey
• contact lenses made from glass


Prohibited items

• Plants, flowers
• cereals
• precious jewelry and base metals
• unused credit cards, travellers' receipts
• knives
• currency
• passport
• products containing trademark or label

Tobacco, alcoholic beverages may be sent in postal items provided they are addressed to a legal person licensed to import alcohol.

Postage stamps, whether they are cancelled or not, can be accepted in the frame of organized philatelic traffic.


Limited number of allowed items

The customers must check the import restrictions of the destination country before sending the following goods:
• bees and leeches
• firearms
• butter
• medication, pharmaceutical products, medical equipments and vaccines.
• mineral water
• communication devices
• fat and oil
• vermin and insects
• plants and parts thereof
• cosmetic products
• meat and dairy products
• soap
• ozone layer damaging chemicals.

The following items are forbidden to send as a gift:
• liquid and alcoholic products
• tobacco
• cell phones and other wireless networks.

Prohibited items
• Alcohol and alcoholic beverages
• lottery tickets
• coffee and tea
• playing cards
• contraceptives
• flour
• cigarette papers
• white pepper
• powder
• saccharin
• salt
• tobacco
• soil
• Viagra


Prohibited items

• Electronic and high-frequency devices
• weapons
• honey and honeycomb frames
• raw eggs
• alcoholic beverages and other products, if contain more than 18% of ethyl alcohol
• foodstuffs, products, materials and other articles that have less than 70% of the time left until the use-by date (calculated from the date of manufacture).

If imported foodstuffs, products, materials and other articles do not comply with the published standards, to the accepted norms and to the regulations on quality and security, they may be seized or destroyed under Turkmen legislation.


Prohibited items

• Lottery tickets
• playing card
• mushroom
• tobacco
• all kind of weapons
• narcotics
• toys containing copper sulphate
• thermometer


Prohibited items

• Live animals
• products of animal origin (meat and edible meat offal, fish, seafood)
• dairy products other than canned milk powder
• cotton plants
• vegetables decomposing easily or exuding a foul odor onions, garlic
• tropical fruits
• margarine or fats containing more than 10% butter fat
• food products containing artificial sweetening materials (cyclamate)
• wines and spirits must bear a label stating the name, quantity, degree of alcohol and country of origin
• Whisky must be accompanied by a certificate from the exporter stating the year of manufacturing and that the whisky has been stored no less than three years.
• sand, soil
• beehives and material for bees breeding
• counterfeit or imitation bank notes and postage stamps
• blank forms that can be used as an invoice
• containers and packaging for plant products
• precious stones whether cultured or not, precious jewelry h
• guns, knives, and items with sharp and cutting edge
• gambling, dangerous games and parts thereof
• matches made of white or yellow phosphor
• seeds, plants
• organic fertilizers
• indecent films, publications or paintings, blank forms that can be used as an invoice, lottery tickets and documents advertising lotteries
• miscellaneous chemical products used as insecticides
• used clothing for commercial purposes with authorization of the Ministry of Health
• products from leather and furs are permitted for import with a certificate of the veterinary services in the country of origin that the animals were free of disease and under veterinary control, and an authorization of the veterinary services of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture
• razor blades must be wrapped in closed packages including at least two but no more than ten blades.

The import of cordless phones, radio and telephone transmitters and receivers, radars are subject to approval from the Ministry of Telecommunications.


Encoding devices are subject to prior approval from the military authorities.
• Items imported in Israel are subject to customs duties (customs tax, VAT).


Prohibited items

• Live animals, animal products
• meat, edible meat offal, milk, dairy products, fish
• vegetable, fruits, citrus fruit and peels
• alcohol only in limited quantities and with content below 23%
• edible, animal or vegetable fats
• sugars and sugar confectionery
• cocoa and cocoa preparations admitted in small quantities
• honey, eggs
• tobacco
• narcotics and other illegal psychotropic substances
• insects
• copper sulphate containing games and toys
• powder, explosives, matches, flammable items
• thermometers

Iran (Islamic Rep.)

Prohibited items

• Used clothing
• radio equipment and cordless equipment
• weapon, firearms
• banknotes and other securities, lottery tickets
• games
• obscene or immoral literature
• plants
• perishable foods
• toxic materials
• sugar
• tobacco


Prohibited items

The postal administration does not accept ordinary, ordered and EMS mails containing:
• bank notes, coins, currency notes or securities, travellers' cheques
• platinum, gold or silver, whether manufactured or not, precious stones, jewels or other valuable articles.

The postal administration does not accept ordinary, ordered parcels and packages containing:

• photographic equipment, cameras, mobile phones and portable computers.


Prohibited items

• All live animals except bees and leeches
• radioactive substances, psychotropic substances and narcotics
• explosive and flammable materials
• publications harmful to young people, works contrary to public order, obscene or immoral articles
• bank notes, money
• any type of weapons and their parts

Animal origin products (with the exception of canned food) may be sent if a veterinary service certificate is enclosed. Raw animal products are prohibited.

Products of flora are allowed to be sent in when enclosing phytosanitary certificate.

Maximum allowed amount of pharmaceutical products in one mail item should be equivalent to 12 months usage.

In accordance with the national legislation, Latvia post does not accept insured mail containing money, bank notes and other values.


Import limitations

Before sending the items to the address, the sender must get acquainted from the relevant bodies of the target country about the import limitations.
• Animals, products of animal origin
• radio communication equipment and parts thereof
• fruit, vegetables
• plants and parts thereof
• poisons
• seeds
• urn containing the ashes of deceased persons (burial urn)
• used clothing

It is prohibited to import meat, meat offal, milk and dairy product if they don’t have a veterinary certificate.

Prohibited items
• Weapons
• publications or items violating public order
• empty containers, labels, and other items carrying the brand label of the exporting company.


Personal items

Lithuania accepts the importation of personal items in following quantities.
• Precious stones, metals and jewelry made of them (up to 25 grams)
• any products containing chocolate or cocoa (500 grams)
• coffee (1 kg)
• perfume (50 grams), perfume water (250 ml)
• sugar(1 kg)
• tobacco (250 grams), cigarettes (200), cigars(10)
• strong alcoholic beverages (1 liter)
• wine (2 liters)
• champagne (2 liters)
• beer (5 liters)

Prohibited items

• Natural or cultured pearl, articles made of these substances
• diamonds, precious, synthetic stones, silver
• copper, nickel, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten and other base metals
• live animals
• electrical and high-frequency apparatus
• bracelet and watches made from gold, silver and base metals
• credit cards, as well as unused
• knives
• passports (only allowed to send by diplomatic way, from one embassy to another)
• money, securities, receipts.


Prohibited Items

• Live animals except bees and honey combs
• fresh fish and seafood
• lottery tickets, publications for non-authorized competitions, bank notes, postage stamps imitations
• items falsified or violating the copyright
• jewelry
• ivory, and products made of it
• product accompanied by a false certificate of origin
• radar
• arms and ammunition
• live plants, flowering bulbs and cut flowers
• grape, chest nut plants

Import limitations
• Meat and fish up to 1 kg by presenting the sanitary certificate
• animal products must be accompanied by a certificate of origin and a health certificate
• small quantities of fresh fruit, cut flowers, parts of plants, potatoes, flower bulbs, on condition that these products are not intended for commercial purposes.


Prohibited items

• Live animals
• firearms and parts thereof
• items made by slaves
• goods whose country of origin is not clearly indicated
• illegal lottery tickets and related advertising
• metal labels
• counterfeit coins
• gold mold, dust and raw metals
• margarine and butter
• used bees breeding materials
• firearms and ammunition, liquids, gas or other explosives, flammable materials, lighters
• toxic and infectious substances
• sand, soil, black soils, charcoal
• mineral fuels, mineral oils
• organic, chemistry and industrial products

Tobacco can be imported with limited quantities:
for individual imports: five units.
A unit is defined as:
– 200 cigarettes
– 50 cigars
– 400 tobacco sticks, or
– 400 g of manufactured tobacco

Aalcoholic beverages (including wine) are prohibited to import unless they are addressed to a Provincial Liquor Control Board or a registered manufacturer or distributor of such beverages.

Before sending the items to the addressee, the sender must get acquainted by the relevant bodies of the target country to the import limitations:
• bees, parasites and leeches
• dead animals including wild birds and parts thereof
• wheat, straw, sawdust, barley and their derivatives
• intoxicating beverage is allowed if it contains alcohol less than 24%
• rough diamonds
• films
• liquids and powders
• medical materials, including samples can only be sent by expeditors of pharmaceutical products
• money
• eggs, milk and dairy products
• plants, seeds, fruits, vegetables
• fish, bird, animal hunted, meat and derivatives
• potato seeds, onions and other roots and tubers
• tobacco

Canada accepts gifts which are exempt from
custom duty in case there value does not exceed 60 Canadian dollar and bear the note “GIFT”:
The following items are not considered gifts
• tobacco
• intoxicating drinks
• advertising
• goods ordered by a commercial organization and addressed to clients in Canada.


Prohibited items

• Live animals, all meat and all offal, fish, dairy products
• live plants, flowers , fruit, vegetables, citrus fruit
• walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts
• payment bills, bank notes
• cotton, skin
• documents on Communism
• glass
• toys such firearms
• goods of Turkish origin
• counterfeit stamps
• misbranded products
• immoral things
• tobacco

Korea (Rep.)

Prohibited items

• Any kin d of live insects and live animals
• all meat and all offal, fish and other aquatic invertebrates
• milk and dairy products, birds' eggs, natural honey and other products of animal origin
• fresh or chilled potatoes, beans
• barley, corn, rice, buckwheat and other cereals
• rice flour and other grains
• soya beans even broken
• animal or vegetable fats
• powders, explosives
• fresh or wet-salted skins
• money
• audio and video recordings which are or could be against the Constitution of fundamental democratic order
• breathing appliances and gas masks
• weapons

The Republic of Armenia

The articles prohibited for the postal delivery into the territory of the Republic of Armenia:
a) firearm, gas weapon, missile weapon, signaling weapon, pneumatic weapon, ammunition, cold weapon, electroshock devices and cap lid, as well as main parts of the weapon,
b) narcotics or psychotropic drugs, radioactive, explosive, toxic, flammable and other hazardous
c) poisonous animals and plants
d) bank notes, currency notes, of the Republic of Armenia (except those bank notes that sent by the Central bank of the Republic of Armenia and its branches),
e) perishable foods,
f) articles that by their nature or way of packaging may damage postal service employees or pollute other imported items and postal service equipments.


Prohibited items
• Wild animals, including their parts and products, and ivory
• opium
• fish, poultry oils, fats, margarine, melted or not
• articles violated public order
• lottery tickets
• unsigned credit cards
• passports with Indian origin
• test collection designed to determine the sex of the child
• items having gun appearance, gun toys

Outgoing parcel should be enclosed with accustom declaration form where should be a clear description of the content items.

Hongkong, China

List of articles prohibited as imports

• Live animals except bees, leeches, silkworms and flies
• carcasses of any animal
• not smoking tobacco product
• images, varnishes and other materials, which have level of combustion less than 60 C
• powder sand explosives, flammable and hazardous materials, fireworks, match of all kinds
• imitation of envelope, tapes, card, forms or document issued by any postal authority
• all articles of a seditious nature, lottery tickets, articles infringing copyright laws and false documents; any articles of an obscene, immoral, indecent, offensive or libelous nature, articles infringing trademark, any articles bearing any imitation of any words, letters or marks used by any postal authority;
• articles bearing any imitation or representation of any postage stamp
• alcoholic liquors and articles containing alcohol importers must have transportation license
• tobacco importers must be licensed and removal permits are required. These items are subject to customs duties.


Prohibited items

• Live animals
• meat, meat products
• fresh plants, their parts, roots, leaf buds
• any kind of weapon
• lottery tickets, playing cards, bank notes, coins
• salt
• gasoline and other mineral oils
• tobacco
• games and toys containing copper sulphate
• medicines, medical thermometers
• passports issued by the Greek authorities.


Prohibited articles

• radioactive materials
• soil, peat, fertilizer, potato, tomato, eggplant plants and leaves
• dangerous for health foods and beverages
• unused credit cards
• pirate discs, cassettes and videos
• tools which can be used as a weapon


Transportation of the goods of personal use in the international postal item content.

Upon entry into the united customs area on July 1, 2010 the numbers of individuals’ applications have been increased regarding the rules of personal transportation products via the international mail items. The regulations have been defined in accordance with "the Customs Agreement about the procedure of the transportation of personal goods through the customs border of the Customs Union, and the procedure of custom actions implementation related to goods release" (hereinafter the Agreement) and operate in all Customs Union member-states such as Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
The item can be sent via international postal operator during a calendar month to the address of an individual recipient in the Customs Union territory, if value of the item does not exceed the equivalent of 1000 EUR and the total weight does not exceed 31 kg.
In case of exceeding the defined rates, customs duties should be charged from the uniform calculations which are 30 percent of the customs value, but not less than 4 euro for 1 kg, if the value exceeds 1000 euro and weights 31 kg.
Undivided goods for customs fees are charged as unified customs fee regardless of the weight and value.
Items that are prohibited to send as an international mail content:
• alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol, beer
• any type of tobacco products and smoking mixture
• any type of weapon (and parts thereof), bullets (parts thereof), resembling civil service weapon items by its structure
• radioactive materials
• cultural values
• perishable goods
• live animals except bees, leeches, silkworm
• any type and condition of plants, seeds
• the type and condition of precious stones, natural diamonds, except jewelry
• drug, psychotropic medications and basic substances of such medications, including medicaments
• ozone depleting substances
• other items which are prohibited in accordance with UPU acts and the Customs Union legislation.

The detailed list of the imported prohibited or restricted items for personal use sent through the customs border of the Customs Union can be found in the annex 2: "Agreement of the procedure of the transportation of personal goods via customs border of the Customs Union by individuals and customer clearance actions."


Import limitations

Before sending the items to the addressee, the sender must get acquainted with the import limitations of the target country:

• bees
• hunting weapons
• fruit and vegetables
• plants and parts thereof
• animals and products of animal origin
• fish , dairy products
• leeches and silkworms.
• postage stamps.

Prohibited items
• Antiques
• weapons
• precious jewelry
• credit cards
• glass
• liquors
• medication
• honey and honey frames
• raw eggs
• tobacco.


Prohibited items

• Chicken, duck, turkeys, geese, quail, rabbit, bee, dog, monkey and their eggs
• milk, dairy products
• plants and other products of plant origin
• mushrooms
• opium
• explosives, yellow phosphorus matches
• firearms, handguns
• narcotics
• falsified postage stamps or their imitation, bank notes, securities
• books, photographs, carvings that harms the health
• articles to infringe patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights.

Great Britain

Import limitation
• Alcoholic beverages: 1 liter spirits or 1 liter sparkling/fortified wine or 2 liters still wine.
• foodstuff, particularly fish, cancer, honey, eggs, some kind of fruits
• vegetables
• uncultured wood (with peel)
• radio transmitters
• colonies of bacteria and viruses that cause cattle diseases
• animal seeds
• perfume: 50 grams perfumed spirit or 0.25 liters toilet water
• tobacco products: 50 cigarettes or 25 cigarillos or 50 grams tobacco

Prohibited Items
• Live animals
• plants, potato tubers

• cremation ashes
• lottery tickets
• honey
• straw
• soil, black soils
• soiled clothes and rags
• image and sound recorders
• imitations of postage stamp or any means of payment
• cordless telephones that work with frequency lower than 853 MHz.


Prohibited items
• Live animals
• massage apparatus
• lottery tickets without authorization
• obscene and immoral things
• chemical products
• explosive, flammable or other dangerous substances
• natural or cultivated pearls, precious stones, jewelry
• any kind of weapon
• collectors’ pieces and antiques, work of art
• the importation of cigar, cigarette and tobacco is subject to prior obtaining the permission of industrial development and trade ministry
- electronic cigarettes.


Prohibited items

• Live animals
• meat, meat products
• fish and crustaceans and other aquatic invertebrates
• milk and dairy products
• credit cards, as well as unused
• knives
• commercial films
• glass
• medication
• photos
• chemical products, radioactive materials
• live plants, potatoes, tuberous plants
• fresh orange and other fruits
• all cereals.

Items allowed with limited number
• Honey up to 2 kg
• wine up to 2 liters and spirits up to 1 liter
• cigarettes up to 200 pcs.

Import of precious items is possible to send only by insured delivery.


Import limitations
• Cigarettes 50 pieces
• cigars 10 pieces
• small cigars (maximum 3 gm per 1unit): 25 pieces
• tobacco 50 gm
• proportional combination of these products.

The total value of 1postal item cannot exceed 45 euros.
Items containing tobacco can be accepted only accompanied by appropriate complete CN22/CN23 forms, where would be mentioned the accurate description of a product.

Prohibited items
• All kinds of animals, birds, except bees, leeches and silkworms
• meat, meat products, all kinds of live fish
bird eggs
• lard; other pig fat and poultry fat
• pasta (cooked or otherwise prepared)
• fresh fruit
• plants and plant products, potato, roots
• lottery tickets and such non-licensed advertising
• automatic, hunting knives
• precious metals and stones, and jewelry thereof
• images, varnishes, explosives or flammable materials, matches
• plastic tubes
• items with fake commercial brand
• some agricultural products
• flour
• items supported with false declarations
• non-licensed pharmaceutical products
• liquids whose flash point is lower than 38.3° C such as acetone, alcohol, ether, varnishes
• serums and vaccines.

Meat, meat products, milk and dairy products, must be accompanied with a veterinary certificate of the Republic of Armenia.


List of articles prohibited as imports or admitted conditionally
• Live animals
• import of live bees can, in special cases, be authorized by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Pressed honey combs may only be imported if accompanied by a prescribed certificate issued by the public authorities in the country of origin.
• Human food is meat, meat products may be imported only if they are accompanied by the competent authorities of the exporting country's patent
• food containing animal components (meat, feathers, blood, eggs, milk or dried milk) is subject to authorization by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.
Sausages, pastes and other similar foodstuffs can only be sent as postal parcels.
• fresh fish
• If the beverage is imported by private persons or by the representative of the enterprise and only intended for personal consumption, such permission may only be granted by the State Wine Monopoly after the payment of applicable fees.
Imported wines and alcoholic beverages addressed to enterprises may be carried out without permission.
Importation of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 60% is prohibited.
Alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, may only be imported by the permission of State Wine Monopoly.
Wine and distilled spirits can only be sent as parcel post.
• The importation of cigarettes and similar products for commercial purposes may be carried out only by the enterprises engaged in commercial import activity.
• Products made of or containing wild oats
• products for animal feeding
• any kind of weapon
• viagra, medication, any pharmaceutical product, whether they are synthetic or natural
• satellites
• soil
• radioactive, flammable, explosive materials
• bank notes
• the import of radio equipment, for instance walkie-talkies, remote controls, wireless telephones, except ordinary television and radio, must have a license from the Office of Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.


Customs declarations consignors must be stated in detail and include the following information:
• the names, first names and addresses of the consignors
• the country of origin
• a description of the goods contained and the harmonized system code index
• the gross and net weight
• the value of each item, specifying the currency used
• the signature (handwritten) of the consignor.


Prohibited items
• Live animals, food of animal origin, eggs, dairy products, fish and vegetable products.
• live plants, flowers, trees, bushes, vegetable food, mushrooms
• fresh fruits
• infectious substances, pharmaceutical products
• any type of dead animals/birds
• weapons and parts
• narcotics
• fresh, frozen products
• ashes can
• tobacco
• wine, alcohol
• any type of payment instruments, securities
• precious stones and precious metals

Alcohol beverage with an alcoholic content of more than 1.8% by weight and malt liquors with an alcoholic content of more than 2.8% by weight may only be imported by The Wine & Spirits Administration.
In other cases they can be imported if they are intended for:
-a foreign diplomatic mission
- consulates of foreign countries
- certain international organization


Prohibited items
• Meat and edible meat offal
• plants or part thereof
• Importation of potato seedlings is subject to the authorization of the Federal Office.
• Potatoes of non-European origin
• absinthe and similar products
• Consignments of alcohol weighing not more than 5 kg, addressed to private persons and containing ethyl alcohol, whatever its alcoholic content, are permitted for importation without special authorization by the Federal Alcohol Board upon payment of import duty and monopoly dues.
• Consignments of spirituous liquors (spirits, aperitifs, liqueurs) with analcoholic content over 75% of volume may be imported only with special authorization of the Federal Alcohol Board. The customs declaration must give the quality, grossweight and degree of alcohol.
Alcohol addressed to the Federal Alcohol Board, is admitted without special authorization.

Items prohibited importing by post
• Material likely to endanger the internal or external security of the state
• radar detectors
• shoulder rifles (hunting or sporting rifles, pistols and revolvers, other weapons of war
• explosives, powder, matches, inflammable substances
• lottery tickets, lottery bonds and articles of any kind relating to similar operations, are only transported by post if the sender proves that the lottery is authorized.

Drawing up of customs declarations

The following information must be given:
– designation of the goods;
– gross and net weight (number of articles)
– real value (invoice price at the place of dispatch, plus the cost of transport to the Swiss frontier)
– country of origin of the goods
– date, signature and address of the sender.


Import limitations
• Gold jewelry
• livestock products
• documents relating to communism narcotics
• liquor
• biological products
• chemical products
• pharmaceutical products

Gifts, the value of which does not exceed 45 euros, are accepted. They are free from customs duties and taxes. The sender and the recipient have to be natural persons.

Prohibited items
• Lottery tickets, payment receipts
• bank notes copies
• precious metals
• vegetable products, seeds
• products of animal origin
• saccharin
• tobacco
• soil


Items with import restrictions
• Tobacco and wines
• radio transmitter-receivers and units ensuring secrecy in communication
• articles subject to Customs quantity control
• Renminbi (national currency)
• endangered and rare animals and plants including specimens, seeds thereof

Prohibited Items
• Arms, ammunition and explosives of all kinds
• coins, banknotes, currency notes, securities of any kind payable to bearer, travellers' cheques
• printed matter, films, photographs, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes and videotapes, compact discs (video and audio), storage medium for the computer and other articles which are detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and moral interests of the People's Republic of China
• deadly poisons of all kinds
• opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana and other addiction-inducing drugs and psychedelic substances
• animals, plants and products thereof infected with or carrying disease germs
• food stuff, medicines and other articles coming from epidemic-stricken areas and harmful to man and livestock or those capable of spreading diseases
• platinum, gold and silver, whether manufactured or not, precious stones, jewels or other valuable articles.


Prohibited items
• Live animals
• narcotics
• games and toys containing Copper sulphate
• substances containing saccharine, chocolate containing saccharine
• thermometers
• radioactive substances, explosives and dangerous products.


Prohibited items
• Firearms
• unused cards
• documents concerned the communism
• products of animal origin
• publications that contradict political, social and moral standards
• postage stamps and philatelic items sent to a private person
• used clothing, shoes and linen
• alcoholic beverages (1 litre of distilled beverages and spirits over 22% volume; or 1 litre of fortified or sparkling wine, and some liqueurs of 22% volume or less; and 2 litres of still wine)
• tobacco (50 cigarettes; or 25 cigarillos (cigars with a maximum individual weight of 3 grammes); or 10 cigars; or 50 grammes of tobacco)
• fluorine, chromium, bromine, iodine, phosphorus
• coloring materials, paints, varnishes
• copper, nickel, germanium
• natural and cultivated pearls, precious stones, metals and jewelry
• perfume (5 gm perfume, 0.25 l toilet waters)

Russian Federation

The designated operator of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION wishes to inform the
designated operators of Union member countries that, following changes to
customs legislation related to the creation of the customs union of the Republic of
Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, effective 1 July
2010 the following articles for personal use may not be sent in international postal

As imports into the Russian Federation:

1 printed or audiovisual materials which:

– propagate extremist or terrorist activities or publicly justify terrorism;
– are of a pornographic nature;
– are manufactured or distributed in violation of the legal requirements on
elections and referenda in member countries of the Eurasian Economic
Community Customs Union;
– are intended to spread propaganda containing Nazi ideas or symbols,
– contain other information that could be prejudicial to the political and economic
interests of the Russian Federation, to public safety, and to the health and
morality of its citizens;

2 any weapons or ammunition and parts thereof, or articles similar in construction
to weapons for civilian service;
3 dangerous goods;
4 special technical publications on the convert reception of intelligence;
5 toxic substances which are not precursors of narcotics and psychotropic
6 narcotics, psychotropic substances and their precursors, including in drug form;
7 human organs, blood and their substances;
8 plants of any kind and in any form, and seeds;
9 live animals, with the exception of bees, leeches and silk-worms;
10 ozone-depleting substances;
11 plant protection products subject to the provisions of Annexes A and B to the
Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants of 22 May 2001;
12 the following implements for fishing aquatic biological resources:

– noded fishing nets made by hand or machine from synthetic monofilaments of
nylon or other polyamides, with a filament diameter less than 0.5 mm and mesh
size less than 100 mm (length of mesh at one side is less than 50 mm);
– electric fishing systems and equipment consisting of electric signal generators
with connected conductors and accumulators, employed together to
fish biological aquatic resources using electric current;

13 alcohol products, ethyl alcohol, beer;
14 tobacco products and smoking mixtures of all kinds;
15 radioactive materials;
16 cultural artefacts;
17 perishable foodstuffs;
18 precious stones of any kind, natural diamonds, except for jewellery
19 other mail items prohibited in accordance with the Acts of the Universal Postal Union.

As exports from the Russian Federation:
1 printed or audiovisual materials which:

– propagate extremist or terrorist activities or publicly justify terrorism;
– are of a pornographic nature;
– are manufactured or distributed in violation of the legal requirements on
elections and referenda in member countries of the Eurasian Economic
Community Customs Union;

The following items fall into the category of conditionally admitted items for personal use which may be sent in international postal items subject to appropriate permission from the competent national controlling authority:

– encrypting and encoding devices used for coding (encryption);
– bees, leeches and silk-worms.

Saudi Arabia

List of articles prohibited as imports
• Live or dead animals and insects. Admitted when exchanged between official scientific authorities.

• Fragrance 
• Spirits and all intoxicating beverages.
• Powders and explosives, pyrotechnic products, and explosive, combustible or radioactive substances of any sort.
• Cinematographic equipment and films.
• Currency notes and coin, precious metals, gemstones
• sound recorders and reproducers and discs relating thereto, and other musical instruments
• Military weapons, parts thereof and accessories.

Beverages, alcoholic liquids
Except intoxicated drinks and alcoholic liquids, Eaux de Cologne of any type for medical purposes are admitted following analysis at the Ministry of Health laboratories


Admitted on Ministry of Finance authorization to trade in these products.

Tapes admitted only in simple content (not ordered).

Syrian Arab Rep

The list of articles prohibited as imports
• All live animals, except bees and leeches
• natural flowers and branches, and parts thereof
• all cereals except wheat seed
• flour, except Canadian flour imported for baking within the limits established by the Ministry of
• starch, except quantities established by the Ministry of Industry intended
for non-food products
• cotton seeds
• tallow, fats and oils, except those chemically denatured for industrial use
• fresh natural yeasts
• alcoholic beverages
• tobacco, cigars and cigarettes, cigarette paper
• salt, sulphur
• insured boxes containing hashish, cocaine or other narcotics.
These articles, licensed by the Ministry of Health and dispatched for medical or scientific purposes, should be insured.
• Any kind of medical drug, which does not exceed 10 boxes per medicine, is accepted only by the consent of the Ministry of Health
• pharmaceutical chemicals essences: extracts, tincture, medicaments
• psychotropic substances and food supplements for sportsmen
• soap, except shaving soap, which is licensed to import
• cap filled with any type of powder
• explosives, matches, inflammable substances
• cinematographic films which must be submitted to the Ministry of Culture
• obscene publications, photographs
• wood for manufacturing matches as well as paperboard for manufacturing matchboxes
• articles prohibited in transit
• bank notes, currency notes, securities
• cotton, garments made by cotton or synthetic fibers
• stockings of all kinds, except those made of wool
• used and military apparel, military insignia
• footwear of all kinds and their parts thereof
• natural pearls, precious stones, precious metals
• foreign or Ottoman silver coins
• television equipment
• war materials, hunting and military cartridges
• butane lighters


Prohibited items
• Live animals and animal products
• fresh meat, meat products, fish, dairy produce
• bank notes, coins, travelers’ receipts, securities
• weapons, explosives, fireworks, matches, lighters
• antiques
• gold, jewels or other valuable articles
• credit cards
• radio transmitters and receivers
• glass and glassware
• satellite devices
• plants and plant products
• tobacco
• pharmaceutical products, medications
• publications and recordings
• used clothing
• precious stone, metal, gold, silver
• wine advertising
• soil
• Viagra


Prohibited items

• Live animals
• bees, leeches, silkworms, parasites and destroyers of harmful insects
• perishable biological substances
• toxic substances, medical preparations without an authorization from the Ministry of Health
• narcotics, psychotropic substances, hormone and blood preparations
• radioactive substances
• explosives, inflammable substances and other dangerous substances
• articles and material of an immoral nature
• local and foreign cash and currencies, banknotes, travellers' cheques and other securities
• precious stones, items of jewelry and other valuables
• platinum, gold and silver or items made of these metals
• weapons and firearms, ammunition
• nerve gas


Prohibited items

• Electronic and high-frequency apparatus
• weapons, explosives
• honey and honey frames
• raw egg
• radioactive, toxic and psychotropic materials, narcotics
• explosives, weapons of any kind


Prohibited items

• Antique
• electronic and high-frequency apparatus
• weapons, knives
• credit cards, as well as unused
• payment invoice
• articles for smoking opium and hashish
• glass, regardless of its form, lenses
• medication
• honey and its frame
• artwork
• raw eggs
• passports
• biological products
• dairy products, meat products
• seeds
• ordered items containing money
bank notes, cheques, postage stamps, currency, circulated on the territory of a foreign country, gold, silver or other valuable article.

Items allowed with limited number:
The list of duty-free goods imported by private individuals: Goods and limited quantity
coffee - 2kg
black or green tea - 3kg
animal and vegetable oils - 10kg
caviar - 0,5kg
sugar - 10kg
chocolate 5kg
flour, preparations made from it - 10kg
vegetables, fruit, nuts - 5kg
miscellaneous edible preparations - 2kg
beer - 2L
non-alcoholic beverages, juices (except citrus) - 2L
alcoholic products of all kinds - 2L
tobacco products of all kinds - 10 packets
perfumery - 2 units
washing and cleaning products - 5kg
articles of natural or artificial leather - 1 unit of each type, up to 3 units
clothing made of natural leather -1 unit of each type, up to 3
clothing made of natural fur - 1unit of each type, up to 3 units
carpets and other textile floor coverings - 15 m²
knitted or crocheted articles (made by hand or by machine) -1unit of each type
bed linen - 5 assortments
ceramic products - 1assortment containing up to 24 articles
articles of crystal - 1 assortment containing up to 12 articles
articles of jewelry made of precious metal or precious stones - up to 30 grams
imitation jewelry (bijous) - up to 0.5 kg
kitchen utensils, spoons, knives, forks, etc. of base metal - 1 assortment of no more than 24 articles
sound or video recording or reproducing devices - 1 unit of each
type, up to 3 units
clock and watches of all kinds - 2 units
chandeliers, lamps and lighting fittings - 2 units


List of the prohibited articles

• Any kind of meat products, any kind of fish, smoked or salted fish, canned foods of animal origin
• milk, dairy produce, bird eggs, natural honey
• live plants, seeds and potatoes
• fresh fruits and berries
• all kinds of grasses, including rice
- food supplements, special and functional foods are also considered as food products.


Weighing up to 10 kg and packaged by the manufacturer food containing items are accepted by Ukraine.
• firearms (hunting weapons) and cold weapon
• credit cards, as well as unused
• knives
• disks
• glass and glassware
• medicaments
• passports
• money
• biological products
• cotton, straw
• fat, wax
• soil
• coloring materials, powders, explosives, matches, lighters
• works of art, collectors' pieces and antiques alcoholic beverages regardless of the quantity
• tobacco regardless of the quantity

Owing to amendments to Ukraine's customs legislation made on the 1st of June, 2012 it is prohibited to send, the following goods in EMS items addressed to Ukraine:

– used goods (clothes, footwear, etc.) that are unclean and pose a possible hazard for postal employees, or that are not accompanied by supporting documents certifying that the goods have been fumigated;

– goods that fall into the categories listed in Section Notes 1–24 of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (except ffoodstuffs
weighing less than 10 kg in total and packed in their original packing);

– goods prohibited from conveyance by post under the Acts of the Universal Postal Union.

The State Enterprise of Special Post also wishes to point out that goods in EMS items whose total invoiced (customs) value exceeds 300 EUR will be subject to a
10% import duty and a 20% VAT. The assessment base is part of the total invoiced (customs) value exceeding 300 EUR.


Import limitation
• Natural honey up to 2 kg dispatched by postal parcel and of no commercial value
• antiques
• used items such as computers, parts of cars
• cosmetics
• works of art
• texture
• 1 kg for meat and meat-based products
• 2 kg for products of animal origin.

Prohibited items
• All live animals, except bees and leeches which may be imported on presentation of a special authorization and on the conditions laid down therein.
• Live plants, flower bulbs and cut flowers
• vegetable, roots, tubers, potato seeds
• other vegetables, flowers, tubers, plants, roots, contaminated by parasites
• cotton seeds
• substances considered to be inflammable or dangerous
• explosives, detonators
• works, literature contradicted public order
• customs legislation provides for a monopoly on the importation chemical matches and prepared matchwood
• tobacco
• radioactive, explosive, dangerous materials, powders, matches
• vegetable coloring matter
• lottery ticket, banknotes in ordinary parcels
• wood peel, chestnut timber
• machines for games based on chance or skills
• nickel or lead-containing items
• silicones for plastic surgery use
• medication, thermometers
• Viagra, vitamins

For the importation of citrus fruit, figs, apples, pears, quince, apricots, peaches, cherries, plums, black currants, coming from all countries the phytosanitary certificate is required.

Miscellaneous customs provisions
A. Items sent from one private person to another.
Exemption from import duty and taxes may be granted to small items of a non-commercial nature.
Regarded as "small items of a completely non-commercial nature" are parcels sent from one private person to another.

• These items must:
– be occasional in nature;
– contain goods intended for the personal or family use of the addressees.

• The goods, either by their nature or quantity, must clearly not be intended for commercial ends or must be sent by the sender to the addressee, without payment of any kind made by the latter.

Exemption from duty and taxes is subject to the following conditions:

The value of the items, including that of the products subject to quantitative restrictions, must not exceed 45 EUR.
The following products may be imported only within the quantitative limits

Spirits and alcoholic beverages:
– spirituous beverages with an alcohol content of more than 22% by
volume, non-denatured ethyl alcohol 80% or more by volume: 1 liter
–spirituous beverages, wine- or spirit-based aperitifs, sake or similar beverages with 22% of alcohol, sparkling wines, dessert wines: 1 liter
– wines: 2 liters.

Miscellaneous products:
– perfumes: 50 gram, or
– toilet water: 0.25 liter or 8 ounces
– coffee: 500 gram
– tea: 200 gram

Importation of books, newspapers, publications are subject to special restrictions and conditions.
The following are exempt from checking formalities:
– works intended for the National Library;
–consignments addressed to members of the diplomatic corps;
– consignments intended for UNESCO

Customs declarations must contain necessary information:
taxes and control measures.
Specifically, they must state:
– the names, first names of the consignors and consignees;
– the countries of origin and of destination of the item;
– a description of the goods contained and the harmonized system code index;
– the net weight;
– the value of the item, specifying the currency used;
– gifts, samples, goods returned or admitted temporarily must be made on the customs declaration.