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Track and trace

The Cascade (Armenian:    Կասկադ Kaskad) is a giant stairway in Yerevan, Armenia. It links the downtown Kentron area of Yerevan with the Monument neighborhood.

Consumers' rights

Procedure for submission of proposals, statements, claims and complaints to the National Postal Operator.

1. Requests and petitions regarding postal services - sending/receiving parcels.
2. Other requests, suggestions, claims and complaints.

1. Requests and petitions regarding sending/receiving parcels.
The consumer has the right to request information from the National Postal Operator regarding the receipt and destination of his/her parcel in an appropriate petition form. The suggestions and complaints regarding the receipt and destination of parcels addressed to the national postal operator are registered and reviewed according to the Legislation of the Republic of Armenia, international agreements.
2. Other requests, suggestions, claims and complaints.

Other requests, suggestions, claims and complaints may be submitted via:
1. "HayPost" CJSC main office.
2. Contacting (010) 514-514 information phone number.

1. Any citizen or legal body may submit suggestions, claims and complaints to “HayPost” CJSC office. The suggestions, claims and complaints are being registered at the General office after which they are reviewed by the appropriate department. The written response is formulated and presented to the submitter.
2. Any person has the right to submit and request information, including information regarding the order of submitting suggestions, claims and complaints via phone by calling (010) 514 - 514 information phone number.

3. Complaints, that arise in the process of financial transactions provided by the company, may be submitted to Financial System Mediator. Customers’ requirements, occurred in the process of transactions between the company and customer, can be submitted to the Financial System Mediator.

Company has not signed the waiver of the right to appeal against decisions of Financial System Mediator.