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HayPost and RIA Money Transfer awarded monetary prizes

HayPost and RIA Money Transfer awarded monetary prizes

Within the framework of the joint campaign of HayPost, the National Postal Operator of the Republic of Armenia, and RIA Money Transfer, the third greatest money transfer system of the world, diplomas and monetary prizes for December were awarded on 16th of January. A customer selected at the drawing and the employee of HayPost who implemented the largest quantity of transactions through RIA system in December were awarded with monetary prizes and diplomas.

Every Haypost customer sending or receiving transfer by RIA system during 01.07.2016-30.12.2016 period had the possibility to take part in the draw of 100 US dollars raffled every month. In the frame of this campaign money transfers to Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Georgia costed 1% from the amount sent. During the campaign 6 customers and 6 operators were awarded with diplomas and monetary prizes.

Ria Money Transfer system lets the customers receive money transfers from relatives and friends abroad within few minutes. The customers of HayPost can also transfer money through the whole worldwide network of RIA, including 150 countries with more than 310.000 offices.

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