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The Lake Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia and the Caucasus region. It is one of the largest fresh-water high-altitude lakes in the world.

“PostEurop” Assembly in Yerevan is completed

“PostEurop” Assembly in Yerevan is completed

Innovative solutions in the postal communication field to overcome challenges

The National Operator of Postal Communication of the Republic of Armenia HayPost hosted on 19-21 of April, 2016, the first plenary assembly of the European Postal Operators Association «PostEurop» in the region. The three-day event was aimed at gathering CEOs and top managers from more than 52 Postal Operators of Europe, in order to discuss the core issues and possibilities of the postal field, in the context of tendencies of the quickly modified technologies, innovations and digital technologies.

This relevant event of the postal communication field was honored with the presence of the Director General of the Universal Postal Union Mr. Bishar Hussein, the Deputy Director of the UPU International Bureau Mr. Pascal Clivaz, the Chairman of «PostEurop» Management Board Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville, the Secretary General of «PostEurop» Mr. Botond Szebeny.

The event included a plenary assembly, followed by a business forum with the participation of international experts and moderators. The forum provided the Postal Operators with the opportunity to discuss the challenges of the postal field, suggesting solutions for the creation of a more developed and stable field.

As host of the plenary assembly, the Trust Manager of «HayPost» CJSC, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of «HayPost» CJSC Mr. Juan Pablo Gechidjian mentioned in his welcome speech: «We have the honor to host the first plenary assembly of «PostEurop» in the Caucasian region. This is a unique platform between the East and the West for the exchange of know-how and development of cooperation tools, important to develop a more available and stable postal field. The experience of «PostEurop» and the Universal Postal Union is important for HayPost in the increase of efficiency of the postal operations, diversification of financial services and development of electronic commerce, based on the best international experience».

«This is a historic moment for «PostEurop» and our honorable members to be here in Armenia. We appreciate the progress and development recorded up today by HayPost, as National Postal Operator of Armenia. We are convinced that the continuous cooperation between the international Postal Operators and providers of logistic services will make it possible to ensure efficient relationship and develop such services as the electronic commerce and management», the Chairman of «PostEurop» Management Board Jean-Paul Forceville stated.

The main topics on the agenda of the business forum included the development of electronic commerce and the efficient application of new logistic schemes, as well as the problems for the introduction of the new electronic management model by National Postal Operators.

The participants were interested in shopinamerica.am platform, as an innovative approach of electronic commerce. The innovation was presented by the Trust Manager of «HayPost» CJSC, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of «HayPost» CJSC Mr. Juan Pablo Gechidjian.

In conclusion, the Chairman of «PostEurop» Management Board Jean-Paul Forceville thanked HayPost on behalf of all the guests for the Assembly organization and hospitality.

About «PostEurop»

«PostEurop» is an association representing the Postal Operators of Europe. It supports and develops a stable and competitive European platform for postal communication, accessible to all the customers, ensuring a modern and affordable universal service. «PostEurop» counts with 2.1 million employees all over Europe, who attend up to 800 million customers per day through more than 175.000 counters.

About HayPost

«HayPost» CJSC is the National Operator of Postal Communication of the Republic of Armenia, which renders postal, financial and retail services. Actually «HayPost» CJSC operates through 800 Post Offices, spread in all the cities and villages of the Republic of Armenia. The Company offers innovative solutions, such as ShopInAmerica.am online shopping platform, which performs deliveries of goods from any online shop of the USA.

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