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Hayravank (Armenian:   Հայրավանք) is a 9th-12th century Armenian monastery   located just northeast of the village of Hayravank along the southwest shores of Lake Sevan in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia. The monastic complex consists of a church, chapel, and gavit.

«Haypost» puts into operation 49 new vehicles

«Haypost» puts into operation 49 new vehicles

President President of theRepublicofArmenia Serzh Sargsyanduring hisYerevanvisit on 14th of June was introduced to new cars acquired for development of HayPost logistic system. President was also introduced to Haypost modernization and development process.

HayPost CJSC is putting into operation 49 brand new trucks and vans for its new logistics system. These vehicles are ecologically friendly running on natural gas reducing emission of CO2 in to the atmosphere. They are also equipped with GPS tracking systems providing more secure and safe operation. These changes are intended to upgrade and improve the operations quality level up to the highest international standards.

The fleet of “HayPost” CJSC is expanded with 49 new trucks and vans, consisting from:

Renault Logan - 30 vans;

Renault Duster - 10 4x4 vehicles and

KIA - 9 trucks.

The total investment for these 49 trucks and vans amounts USD 1,2 million.

New Renault Logan vans will replace the old vehicles used in the regions, some of which were produced still in Soviet period. New KIA trucks transporting the mail from Yerevan to regions will cover 90 000 kilometers, the equivalent of driving along the Equator around the earth 2 times. Renault Duster 4x4 vehicles will be used mainly in the regions, bringing the post in time to even the most isolated rural areas. Due to the high accessibility of KIA trucks and Renault Duster 4x4 vehicles it will be possible to deliver the items in time even to the inhabitants of mountain villages during the most snowy months of winter.

The new vehicles will contribute to the implementation of HayPost Trust Management program to provide high level postal and related services throughout the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia.

HayPost CJSC, the National postal operator of the Republic of Armenia, under the guidance of HayPost Trust Management continues the implementation of its wide-scale modernization and development program. The following results were achieved up to now:

  • 196 post offices were renovated (68 inYerevanand 128 in regions). All 196 post offices are fully modernized to provide up to date postal, postal-financial and commercial services and a superior customer service experience. Advanced security systems are also installed in each renovated post office.
  • As a result of cooperation with La Poste, the National postal operator ofFrance, HayPost CJSC developed a new logistics system, ensuring a better control of postal items and delivery quality, corresponding to the highest international standards.
  • Within the framework of the cooperation with La Poste, new centralized sorting centers were successfully tested and launched in Aragatsotn and Gegharkunik regions. A new sorting center facility servicing Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions will be operational by September 2014.
  • The world’s best core postal software developed by Escher Group has been purchased and is being customized within HayPost postal network. The same software is used by world’s leading postal operators, such as USPS (USA), Deutsche Post (Germany) and Royal Mail (UK). This software is anticipated to provide the online connection throughout the entire HayPost CJSC postal network and to bring the quality of services provided to an unprecedentedly high level.
  • A newTrainingCenterof more than 700 m2 in size for comprehensive staff training programs has been established. Up to 150 students can be trained at the same time. A special training room replicates a typical HayPost’s newly renovated post office enabling training the newly hired staff the customer service and operational techniques in “real-post-office” mode. The facilities of theTrainingCenterwill be also used as a laboratory to test the latest available new technologies in international market before being introduced in HayPost postal network.
  • A whole range of new products and services has been added in the postal, postal-financial and commercial areas. Some of the newly introduced services have been developed and introduced in cooperation with Russian Post, the National Postal operator ofRussian Federation, and Poste Italiane, the National postal operator ofItaly.
  • 105 new vehicles have been introduced for the improvement of the operations and logistics system of HayPost CJSC.

This year, in continuation of the HayPost CJSC development program, 60 post offices (1 post office inYerevanand 59 post offices in the regions) will be renovated.

During the last five years, under HayPost Trust Management guidance, “HayPost” CJSC has been transformed from a loss-making company into a profitable one, making investments of more than USD 20 million for the implementation of its development and transformation program.

“HayPost Trust Management” B.V.

“HayPost” CJSC

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