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Domestic Postal Electronic Money Order

You can make money transfers via Domestic Postal Electronic Money Order within Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Domestic Postal Electronic Money Order tariff (service commission) is 1% of transferred money for individuals (minimum 100 dram, maximum 1500 dram) and 3% for legal entities.

Domestic Postal Electronic Money Orders to bank accounts

It is possible to make transfers on bank accounts via Domestic Postal Electronic Money Order.

How to send?

  • Visit the nearest Post office and fill in the blank EP1, which shall include:

√ sender’s name, surname, or enterprise name;

√ sender’s address;

√ transferred sum;

√ recipient’s name, surname, or enterprise name;

√ recipient’s full address or for poste restante;

  • Pay the transferred sum and the service tariff.

If the transferred sum exceeds 400 000 (four hundred thousand) AMD, the Post Office Operator will demand the client to submit an identification document.

How to receive?

  • In case of having information about the transfer from the Post Office, visit the Post Office;
  • Submit an identity document (passport, ID card, military service book for people implementing provisional compulsory military service);
  • Take the amount (no commission is charged when paying the amount).

Money transfers shall be paid solely to the recipients mentioned on the transfer or to the authorized representative, on the basis of a power of attorney ratified by notary. Any power of attorney issued in another state shall be ratified by apostle, unless anything else is envisaged by the international agreements of the Republic of Armenia

"HayPost" CJSC is obliged to provide a customer order confirming document, where amount of the transfer, service charge and other details are stated.

Changes or cancelation of transfer can be made free of charge based on the sender’s written request.

For additional information about postal money order please call (+37410) 514-577).