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Vardenis ridge is located in the Armenian Highland. It joins perpendicularly to Geghama range, then surrounds lake Sevan from South-Eastern side. Highest point - Mount Vardenis 3522 m.

Financial services Payments
Collection of State Taxes and Payments

"HayPost" CJSC insures collection of various state taxes and payments through its postal offices, branches and service centers located in cadastres and local communities within Yerevan city and marzes.
State taxes and payments are collected in the following way:

  • customer visits the postal office,
  • customer presents his/ her request for paying certain type of state tax or payment,
  • postal operator checks and enters the data related to each type of state tax payment into the database,
  • customer makes the payment after which the postal operator provides a copy of payment receipt to the customer.

Now you can make payment via postal departments to the following account numbers of central treasury:

1. Administrative penalties for parking violation to the account number 900015211619.

2. Parking fees to the account number 900015211593.

Note: It is necessary to know that customer should submit his/her passport and social card number to pay taxes and fees. For traffic police payments it is required to present passport, driving license, vehicle technical passport and penalty act.