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New Logistics Scheme of HayPost in Gegharkunik

New Logistics Scheme of HayPost in Gegharkunik

The official opening ceremony of "HayPost" CJSC renovated Sevan Post Branch and Post Office N 01 in Sevan city, Gegharkunik region, took place on July 25th of this year.

In addition to the complete construction and renovation of the facilities, new logistics and operation model has also been introduced; new international money transfer systems have been introduced; new modern computers and software have been installed; the vehicle fleet has been totally renewed; modern security systems have been installed; the staff competence has been improved with several trainings.

By virtue of 2013 program of HayPost Trust Management B.V., Trust Manager of "HayPost" CJSC, wide-scale modernization and development program of National postal operator of the Republic of Armenia is being continued, according to which it is planned to upgrade and bring in compliance with new standards 60 Post Offices and Branches until the end of the year. As per the new program, 8 Post Offices will be modernized in Yerevan and 52 in regions.

Jointly with the national postal operator of France "LaPoste", "HayPost" CJSC is developing and introducing a new logistics system, which will enable to improve significantly the quality of the postal communication. According to this program, new regional postal sorting center was created, where with 6 new dedicated vehicles will carry out the post exchange of Gegharkunik region. The application of the new scheme in the region will increase the efficiency and the speed of the post exchange by more than 40%.

All the 6 Renault and Daewoo vehicles are equipped with GPS system, which enables to control the vehicles’ exact position, helping to ensure their safety and security.
At the same time, the 4th new catalogue of PostMarket consisting of 180 pages was presented today in Sevan city. If the 1st catalogue published in spring 2012 was offering 117 products from 4 partners, this new catalogue offers 1777 products from 27 partners, which might be ordered by customers at any post office of "Haypost" CJSC. Due to the comfortable, high quality service and affordable prices, the catalogue sales of PostMarket increased more than 12 times in a year.

The new catalogue particularly emphasizes the sales and distribution of books. There is a separate "Book Club" section, offering books to the clients for especially affordable prices.

HayPost Trust Management draws a special attention to the appropriate presence of "HayPost" CJSC in the regions and the development of the postal and associated services.
HayPost Trust Management is planning to develop the traditional postal services in the Republic of Armenia, to introduce the latest courier, financial and commercial services, making "HayPost" CJSC the leading National postal operator of the region.

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