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Cooperation Agreement between HayPost and RA State Revenue Committee

Cooperation Agreement between HayPost and RA State Revenue Committee

Cooperation Agreement was signed today on July 18th between "HayPost" and the RA State Revenue Committee, according to which service points for taxpayers will be created at the renovated and modernized post offices of "HayPost", attended by the representatives of the State Revenue Committee. The Agreement was signed by the RA State Revenue Committee Chairman Mr. Gagik Khachatryan, the Managing Director of "HayPost Trust Management" BV Mr. Juan Pablo Gechidjian and the Acting Chief Executive Officer of "HayPost" CJSC Mr. Haik Avagyan.

According to Mr. Juan Pablo Gechidjian, "HayPost" and the State Revenue Committee are keeping in step with the processes developed all over the world, as the quantity of online sales is increasing day by day, and this Agreement gives the possibility to provide more modern services at the post offices of "HayPost". Mr. Gagik Khachatryan emphasized that by using the network of “HayPost”, the State Revenue Committee would approach the population, becoming more available to the taxpayers.

The main function of the State Revenue Committee representatives at "HayPost" will be the support to issues related to the submission of electronic reports, taxes, duties and other payments, as well as clarification of issues concerning the fiscal and customs administration and legislation. By means of terminals installed at the service points, the representatives of the State Revenue Committee will support the taxpayers to submit fiscal settlements and reports.

In case of technical possibilities, it is planned to carry out the customs declarations and customs clearance necessary for the import and export of postal items at certain post offices. One of the peculiarities of this initiative is the opportunity of the taxpayers to use at the same place both the services of the SRC and the services provided by "HayPost". So the increase of the service points’ number and the enlargement of the geographical distribution will allow the taxpayers using these services to save enough time and resources.

This cooperation is carried out in compliance with the strategic programs of "HayPost Trust Management". The total number of the renovated post offices of "Haypost" over the whole Republic will exceed 200 by the end 2013. At the same time, "HayPost Trust Management" is going to implement large postal and commercial programs in 2013 together with "La Poste", "Poste Italiane" and "Russian Post". The logistic processes of postal items will be reorganized; new systems of express money transfers will be introduced; new software systems will be inserted; the vehicle fleet will be updated; postbanking services will be introduced; catalogue sales will be enlarged etc.

In 2013 the Trust Manager of "HayPost" CJSC, "HayPost Trust Management" B.V., carries on the large-scale modernization and development program of the National Postal Operator of the RA, which is planning to modernize 60 post offices and branches till the end of this year, making them correspond to the new standards. According to the new program, 8 post offices will be renovated in Yerevan and 52 post offices in the regions.

"HayPost Trust Management" attaches special attention to the appropriate presence of "HayPost" CJSC and the development of the postal and adjacent services in the regions. "HayPost Trust Management" is planning to develop the traditional postal services in the Republic of Armenia, to introduce more modern courier, financial and commercial services, making "HayPost" CJSC the leading national postal operator in the region.

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