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Հայփոստի արդիականացված ևս երկու բաժանմունքներ Վերիշեն և Տեղ գյուղերում

Հայփոստի արդիականացված ևս երկու բաժանմունքներ Վերիշեն և Տեղ գյուղերում

The official reopening ceremony of "HayPost" CJSC renovated post offices in Verishen and Tegh communities, Syunik marz, took place on July 4th of this year.

Besides the construction and external decoration works, also the operation standards are renovated here, the infrastructures are modified and updated, new computers and equipments corresponding to the modern software are installed. The post office is provided with modern security systems and video recording devices.

The trust manager of "HayPost" CJSC, HayPost Trust Management B.V., carries on in 2013 the large-scale modernization and development program of the national postal operator of the RA, which is planning to modernize 60 post offices and branches till the end of this year, making them correspond to the new standards. According to the new program, 8 post offices are going to be renovated in Yerevan and 52 post offices in regions.

HayPost Trust Management attaches special attention to the appropriate presence of “HayPost” CJSC and the development of the postal and adjacent services in the regions.

The application of new infrastructures and installations will insure the possibility to provide more efficient and fast postal, financial and commercial services to the inhabitants of Verishen and Tegh.

HayPost Trust Management is planning to develop the traditional postal services in the Republic of Armenia, to introduce more modern courier, financial and commercial services, making "HayPost" CJSC the leading national postal operator in the region.

HayPost Trust Management B.V.
HayPost CJSC

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